Students form the backbone of any institution. As such UTAS (CAS-Salalah) takes pride in nurturing talent and promoting learning among our vastly growing student community. The learning process aims to equip the young minds with the knowledge and skillset that is contemporary as well relevant to the evolving needs of the market. Since the pace of technological development is quite rapid, we race to keep abreast with the latest so that the learners are imparted knowledge which is relevant as well as application based. In addition, we equip our students with a positive attitude that allows them to be independent and self-motivated. Ability to deal with the complexities of life is a major skill that we strive to inculcate among our learners. This is only possible if we hone social and cognitive skills through various extra-curricular activities. These activities form an intrinsic part of our strategy to make a person an all-round intellectual as well as a responsible citizen.

Besides, UTAS (CAS-Salalah) lay special emphasis on scientific research which is supported by a team of highly qualified faculty members with credible research credentials.  In addition, a salubrious environ for research is provided in the form of several well-equipped labs in different scientific as well as social studies domains. Special incentives are provided to enhance the culture of inquiry thus promoting creativity and innovation. We ardently believe that a blossoming research culture serves as a fertile ground for our future graduates to hold a wider and holistic perception of the subjects that they study in their curricula.

UTAS (CAS-Salalah) offers three undergraduate programs; Business Administration, Information Technology and Mass Communication.


Dr. Said Jaboob

College Dean