Quality Assurance Department


We firmly believe in the importance of implementing Quality Assurance Standards in our Educational Institution guided by the principles of Strategic Plan for CAS Colleges 2015-2020 vision, mission, values and Strategic goals. In order to emphasize the commitment to implementing the Executive Regulations pertinent to CAS Colleges issued by the Royal Decree No. 26/2007 and in order to carry out the recommendations of the External Quality Assurance Audit team to obtain the Institutional Accreditation of the College during period specified by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority(OAAA) , the College, aided by its committees and Quality Assurance Department (QAD), has been working hard to activate the process of raising the quality of the College to the highest standards possible in accordance with the provisions of Article (44) regulating CAS Colleges, on establishing QADs across Colleges directly affiliated with the deans of CAS Colleges.


The Department shall undertake the following duties:

Coordinating the tasks of the College’s Quality Assurance and documenting its relevant tasks and activities.

Conducting studies and writing necessary reports on quality assurance in the college.

Taking action to spread the culture of quality assurance throughout the College.

Reviewing the standards and principles of quality assurance received from the Stakeholders.

Coordinating with the concerned authorities, quality assurance inside and outside the college.