To build outstanding relations inside and outside the College and highlight the College’s role in improving the educational process, supporting academic and student activities, and providing community service.


To provide a high standard of services to the College’s staff members and students, as well as to strengthen their relations from one side, and to strengthen the College’s relations with government and private institutions on the other side. In addition, to highlight the College’s academic and student activities through mass media. Furthermore, to showcase the College’s role in community service, and to spread the College’s vision and mission. Lastly, to present the College’s graduates’ attributes to the job market.





  • Introduce the College in academic events and spread its vision and mission.

  • Strengthen relations inside the College and reflect the positive image of the College through mass media.

  • Develop the College’s relations with government and private institutions.

  • Contribute to the organization, follow up and promotion of various events, and activities inside and outside the College.

  • Coordinate with the mass media to disseminate information concerning the College’s activities.


Responsibilities of Public Relation and Press Section

  • Preparing media programs about all the college’s activities.

  • Coordinating with the mass media to disseminate information concerning the college’s activities.

  • Receiving and seeing off the college’s guests.

  • Following up the renewal of the college’s expatriates staff passports and residence cards.

  • Booking flights for the college’s staff on official and other missions in coordination with human resources department.

  • Taking part in organizing symposiums, meetings, or celebrations.

  • Establishing good relations between the college and community.

  • Documenting all the college’s activities and events.