The Mass Communication Department offers the following majors.


Digital Media


CAS is the pioneer in Oman in offering this major to students in this region. The courses explore the practical and conceptual competencies in the production of interactive media, which includes the production of text, audio, still, and moving image, and their assembly into an interactive media piece across several delivery modes. The students will be prepared to critically assess ‘interactivity’ and ‘interface’ in relation to new media forms with a special focus on budgeting, timeframes and project management.




The Journalism major will look at the principles and theory of journalism practice, emphasizing basic journalism skills and formats such as structuring and developing content, researching and writing news stories for appropriate target audiences. The students will also be exposed to skills of public relations communication, news reporting, public affairs reporting and also editing and designing newspaper layouts including graphics, photos and headlines.


Public Relations


The Public Relations major will examine the theory and principles of PR with specific emphasis on common issues of business communication. It will introduce key concepts of audience analysis, strategic planning and decision-making within the context of events management, marketing, advertising and the media. The students will also explore organizational communication and communication strategies from a business-oriented standpoint. Human resource communication is also a part of this major which deals with issues of employment and industrial relations, employer and employee rights, and so on.



The major also analyze the role and practices of media in advertising. The students will understand the importance of marketing research in advertising. They will learn to develop advertising strategies and campaigns. They know the production process of advertising from idea generation and copywriting to artistic and technical realization of advertisements and commercials in print and electronic media.