ICEDD 2017 - Program

Conference Program

Day 1:  Wednesday April 26, 2017

08:30 - 09:00


Salalah Hall

09:00 - 09:10

The Holy Quran Recitation

09:10 - 09:20

Welcome  Message by Chairman of Conference Organizing Committee

09:20 -10:05

Session Chair: Mohit Kukreti

                     Program Director for International Business Administration


Keynote Speaker 1:  Prof. Kevin George Hindle

                       CEO of Mentor Entrepreneurship Group, Australia


Keynote Speaker 2: Dr. Shahid Al-Balushi

                 Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research,

        College of Economics and Political Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


Presenting Momento to Chief Guest, Keynote Speakers and Sponsors


Tea Break





Papers Presentations/Events




Diversification for Economic Development and Growth

Dr. Syed Ahsan Jamil,

Dean, College of Commerce and Business Admininstration, Dhofar University

Impact of Energy Consumption, Foreign Direct Investment, Fixed Capital Formation, Trade Openness and Domestic Credit on Economic Diversification: Empirical Evidence from Sultanate of Oman

Iqtidar Ali Shah, Sohail Amjed and Hanaa Sid Ahmed

Salalah Hall

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Oman (1990-2014)

Muawya Ahmed Hussein and Hanaa Sid Ahmed

Education and Economic Development – Strategies for Sustainable Developments in Oman

N. Brindha and S. Kharthikeyan

Oman’s Economic Diversification cum Trade Structure

Zarinah Hamid and Ruzita Mohd Amin



Tourism, Hospitality and Event (THE)

Dr. Hamed Mohammed Al Muhrzi

HoD, International Business Administration,

College of Applied Sciences, Rustaq

Exploring Consumer Attitudes Towards Halal Tourism in Oman


Asad Rehman and Jamila Jaboob

Room A006

Tourism as a Factor of Sustainable Growth in a National Economy: A Case Study of India

Sandeep Ojha

Opportunities for Oman: Tourism Transportation for a Smarter Salalah

Hannah A. Allawi

Attributes of Destination Competitiveness: A Study on Tourism in Oman

Dileep MR and Viju Mathew


Lunch Break

Dining Hall



ICT and Economic Diversification

Dr. Qasim Al Mamari

IT Program Director

 Colleges of Applied Sciences

An Academic-Industrial Collaborative ICT Framework for National Human Resource Development and Economic Excellence

Mohammed Azeem, Govindasamy Baskar, Sanyo Moosa and Mohammed Kashoob

Salalah Hall

An Optimistic Study on Project Management in Open Source Software Projects

Sutherlin Subitha G., Nesaian Reginal WB, Wasim Haidar SK and Chithik Raja M.

Analysis of Big Data Entrepreneurship and Software Tools


M.C. Raja, M. Munir Rabbani, Nesaian Reginal WB, Wasim Haidar SK, and

M. Chithik Raja

A Study on Impact of Information and Communication Technology and Students Centered Learning in Oman Economy

RD. Balaji, Er. R. Malathi and Biju Theruvil Sayed



Emerging Trends in Accounting and Finance

Dr. Hanaa Mahmoud Said Ahmed

HoD, Scientific Research

 College of Applied Sciences, Salalah

Investigating Customers Level of Awareness on Investment Accounts


Umar Ahmed, Mustafa Omar Mohammed and Ismail Ahmed Ali

Room A006

Impact of US Presidential Elections on Muscat Securities Market


Kavita Chavali

Oil Price Fluctuations and Stock Market Movements: An Application in Oman


Abdelghani Echchabi and Dhekra Azouzi

Sustainability  of  Omani  Raw  Gypsum  Pricing  With  Reference  to Asian  Regional   Competition


Shireen Rosario and CA Reginald Rosario

Risk Sharing/Equity-Based Islamic Finance, Macroeconomic Resilience and Significance to Oman as a New Entrant


Mughees Shaukat and Ali Hamdan Al Raisi

Problems of Implementation the Development Budget in Libya


Tareek Mami and Abdusalam Belazi


Sight Seeing in Salalah



Day 2:  Thursday April 27, 2017



Business and Management

Dr. Zubeir Izaruku Dafalla

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research

College of Applied Sciences, Salalah

Impact of Interpersonal Conflict and leadership Styles on Workplace bullying and Job satisfaction of employees


Muhamad Shakil Ahmad and Sabiqa Naeem

Salalah Hall

Why People Prefer Islamic Banking?

An Application of Extended TRA Model to Explore Consumer Preferences


Adnan Riaz

Impact of Employee Ownership on the Productivity of State Owned Entities:  A Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership


Tariq Javed

Foreign Direct Investment and Stock Market Development: A Panel Data Analysis: Evidence from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)


Hazem Al Samman and Syed Ahsan Jamil

A Study on Job Satisfaction about People Working in Unorganized Sector in Nilambur Tehsil of Kerala State


Umesh U

Relationship between Occupational Stress, Burnout, Copings: SEM Approach


J. Vijayadurai

Determinants of Risk Tolerance Level of Investors: A Case Study of Pakistan


Nousheen Zafar and Syeda Faizah Urooj



Entrepreneurship and SME’s Growth

Dr. Iqtidar Ali Shah

HoD, International Business Administration

College of Applied Sciences, Salalah

Women Entrepreneurship in Oman: Developing An Analytical Framework for Examining The Factors Influencing Women Entrepreneurship


Maryam Hamed Al Hasani

Room A006

Attitude of Female Students towards Entrepreneurship in Sultanate of Oman


Subrahmanian M., Sherimon P.C, Mohammed Al-Haziazi and Kabaly P. S.

Assessing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Sultanate of Oman


Araby Madbouly

Adoption of Musharakah Financing Model for the Long Term Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMES)


Nur Hasnida Abd Rahman and Mustafa Omar Mohamed

Influence of the Entrepreneurs Capabilities, Desirability and Government Support on Self-Employment Intention: A Case of HEIs in Oman


Samir Hammani, Zaroug Osman Bilal, Syed Ahsan Jamil and Ahmar Uddin Mohammed

10:30- 11:00

Tea Break

Salalah Hall

11:00- 11:50


IT Cutting Edge Technology


Media and Communication  Development

Dr. Ahmed Al Bahanta

Manager, Information Technology Services

Oman Airport Management Services


Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA): An Innovative Model Based Approach


Basant Kumar, Rashmi Dwivedi and Ahmed Rashid Abdulla Al Breiki

Salalah Hall

The Penta Helix Model of Innovation in Oman: An HEI Perspective


Alrence S. Halibas, Rowena O, Sibayan and Rolou Lyn R. Maata

The Influence of Organizational and Technological Factors in SMEs Readiness to Adopt IT


Mansour Naser Alraja, Muawya Ahmed Hussein and Hanaa Mahmoud Sid Ahmed

Role of New Media in Defining New Dimension for Tourism in the Sultanate


Sangeeta Tripathi and Muna Al Shahri


Summary and  Recommendations




Dining Hall