ICEDD 2017 - Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Professor Kevin Hindle

(BA Hons Div.1, MBA, CPA, PhD)


The CEO of Mentor Entrepreneurship Group (MENTREG). MENTREG is a consultancy that applies frameworks and tools developed in the peer reviewed research of Kevin Hindle and a range of leading-edge scholars in the field of Entrepreneurship. This knowledge has been applied to create strong frameworks, proven approaches and sharp consulting tools honed to assist private organisations innovate profitably and government agencies help businesses and regions to become more innovative.
Kevin is a consultant, researcher, teacher, venture founder and private equity investor whose variety of expertise and interests embrace many aspects of managing in conditions of uncertainty. His research, teaching, managerial and consulting work focuses on building entrepreneurial capacity through understanding the relationships between innovation, entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurial context. This work embraces several areas: new venture evaluation; entrepreneurial business planning; market and financial modelling; change management; organisational design; corporate strategy and management training. Applying leading-edge research to practical problems, he has initiated and developed new ventures and worked for and consulted on entrepreneurship to organisations large and small, public and private, Australian and international. In a thirty-plus year career of consulting in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship Kevin has been the sole or a principal consultant in over 200 significant projects for major clients (i.e. government of Oman, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, Bunge Australia Ltd., International Danish Entrepreneurship Academy and University of Southern Denmark).
Professor Kevin’s consultancy is grounded in a long career as a management educator. He has developed curricula and taught courses in entrepreneurship and associated disciplines in a range of degree award and executive development programs throughout the world. He was the foundation designer of the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Degree at Swinburne University, where he worked for 18 years, writing the initial version and many subsequent versions of ten of the twelve programs comprising that degree. He later headed the Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Community at Deakin University. Some of the many organisations for whom he has taught and held visiting and adjunct professorships include: the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Baylor University (Texas), INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France), the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the University of Southern Denmark, EM Lyon Business School, University of Technology (Sydney), University of Adelaide. He is a seminal scholar in the field of Indigenous Entrepreneurship and, in honour of his pioneering work in this field, he was the inaugural visiting professor at the First Nations University of Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan).


Dr. Shahid Al-Balushi

Assisstant Dean, Postgraduate Studies and Research

College of Economics and Political Sciences

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


Dr. Shahid Al-Balushi is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean for the Postgraduate Studies and Research at College of Economics and Political Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He works as an expert in International Cooperation Office at Sultan Qaboos University. Dr. Shahid holds a PhD in Supply Chain Management from the University of Melbourne in Australia and an 
MBA from Duquesne University in the USA. As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Shahid has taught several courses in Operation Management. His research interests are in the area of Operations Management, Quality Management, Business to Business e-Commerce and Operation Strategy. Dr. Shahid secured many research grants including strategic research grant to improve healthcare services in Oman. Besides that Dr. Shahid has several publications in International Journals. He is also a member of several committees inside and outside Sultan Qaboos University.
Dr. Shahid has worked on many projects including: Oman s Logistics Stragtegy, The Employee turnover at Sultan Qaboos University, The Alignment of Higher Education Graduates with the Omani Labour Market, An Assessment of the Application of Lean Thinking in the Omani Health Care Sector, and Determinant of Collaboration within GCC member countries. Furthermore, Dr. Shahid has conducted many workshops including Application of Lean in Healthcare, The Principles and Tools of Lean, Effective Management Practices in a Learning Organization, Leadership, Effective Personal and Interpersonal Skills and Project Management.