Community service is the College’s third mission, after education and research. CAS-ٍSalalah is, indeed, fully aware of the value of its educational and cultural activities for the local community. It has consistently striven to provide services to all local institutions and people of all ages and education levels. In this way, the college has taken maximum advantage of the rich human and technical resources it enjoys.

The community service committee has been established to provide the link between the College and its local community along the afore-mentioned lines.



Training and upgrading for community development.


The Community Service Committee looks forward to being the outstanding leader in providing social services and training to all segments of the community.


  • To reinforce the College’s relations with the outside community through the identification of its various needs and the possible ways to fulfill them.

  • To help spread scientific, environmental and health awareness among people through the organization of forums, lectures, seminars and training workshops.

  • To help different community groups benefit from the services and facilities offered by the College to the community.

  • To assist outside community members in developing their abilities through the training programs offered by the College.